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What is gem games?

GEM games was created by game designer Haakon Gaarder in 2023 as a brand for his own games. It is currently a one man company (with help from developers and playtesters) purely focused on passion projects.

The next GEM game is One Page War, a game you can print at home on a single sheet of paper! Check it out on Kickstarter

Haakon Hoel Gaarder

Game Designer

Haakons first three board game designs were Villagers, Streets and Moon, which were all big hits on Kickstarter. This triology of tableau building games are published by lovely Sinister Fish Games, who Haakon continues to work with in parallel to GEM games.

Mini bio

Haakon lives in Norway. Before he was a game designer he was an animator, and before that a print designer. He has a bachelor degree in animation, and went to art school before that. Before that he was a forklift operator managing a warehouse full of tiles which he frequently broke by accident. He got deeply into the hobby when he lived in London and went to the board game club London on Board almost every day.

Games designed by Haakon

Moon (2023)

Moon is coming to stores and backers the summer of 2023. It's a moon colony builder full of extremely powerful cards.

Moon on bgg

Streets (2021)

Streets is a tile laying game where players build a city together, competing to make the most money off each street.

Streets on bgg

Villagers (2019)

This is a village building game with people instead of buildings, all about medieval occupations and how they interlink with each other.

Villagers on bgg
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