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One Page War

A printable game coming soon! Click the button to go to Kickstarter and get a reminder on launch day.


commit your forces

The game is played by rolling a dice and entering the number into an Arena of war. Players use the same roll when entering their numbers, but cannot write into the same Arenas. This removes the luck factor while keeping the game dynamic and asymmetric.

high interaction

Both players play on the same sheet of paper in a fierce competition to have the strongest force in each Arena.

thematic special powers

The Arenas unlock game changing special abilities. These reward players that can plan ahead and think strategically. Tick them off before your opponent!

Print at home 😊

Back on Kickstarter for an excellent price, get the file instantly when the campaign ends, then hit the print button to play! The game only requires a pencil and a dice.

print the game

you don't need a printer 😎

An digital version will be provided so that you can play this game on a tablet. Or you could send the file to a printshop and have the sheet laminated for repeat play.

play with anyone

The game can be taught in 2 minutes, and the rules are intuitive even for non-gamers. As the game length is only 20 minutes its suitable for playing several games back to back.

A Kickstarter experience

The game can be yours on Kickstarter for just 4€. Delightfully there will be no shipping charges and you'll get the game immediately when the campaign ends. If the campaign goes well backers will be rewarded with some very interesting stretch goals that will increase the replay value of the product(s)! 😉

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